inspiring + redefining travel with children

can't live without

baby wipes or google maps 

35 countries


consumes mass

amounts of carrots

for fuel




4th grade

Can literally sleep anywhere, anytime

350 +



Ashley + Luna

I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and one fine day I found myself as a single mother in Switzerland. Well, I didn't know a thing about traveling, french, much less parenting in a foreign country! Traveling began as (and still is at times) just a shot in the dark hoping we make it to the next destination in one piece. Our first adventure started when Luna was just 5 weeks young and it's been the greatest adventures of our lives. We get to understand the world through each others eyes, eat our way through different cultures, laugh in other languages, gain different aspects on humanity, and it's all empowering us as women.
Our life is absolutely chaotic & any retirement plan has been put on hold. We want to inspire more women, more single parents & families to get out there and discover the unknown. I mean if we can do it, clearly so can you. I promise you there is nothing more amazing then traveling with your kids and we even hope to meet you along the way! 

the answer may not be at the beach



but shouldn't we atleast check.