Paris + Friends

Paris is the city of romance, but its also the best city on earth to meet girlfriends. Depends who of course- when traveling with friends be sure you have the same motives for the trip, and BUDGET! This particular adventure was all about being girls, having no rules, and treasure hunting in some of Paris's finest (dumpster diving) vintage shops.

Its about a 3 hour 45 min door to door to Paris, and about 180.-dollar rt train ticket. Trains in Europe, in general, are more expensive than planes, but taking a train is easy and painless. We stayed in an airbnb by the Moulin Rouge, which was perfect as we discovered a new neighborhood (Montmarte) and were steps from taxis (ones you can actually hail) and the Metro.


  • Paris weather is compareable to weather in London (be prepared for rain and cold weather in July)

  • Hotels are extremely expensive and you don't have space! EVER! (airbnb's are the way to go!)

  • Taxis are impossible to hail! (stay close to a metro station and carry a map)

  • Pick-pocket capital (never carry a bag that doesn't zip close or leave anything unattended)

  • Paris is the most visited city in the world- french people have a short temper, but its part of the charm.

  • Learning just a few words and phrases in French will change entirely how French people treat you!

  • Wine is cheaper than water- and its good wine!

  • The massive buidlings and endless architecture makes this the most beautiful city in the world!

  • Outdoor Bistros, Crêpes! (aka Galletes!) Check tripadvisor when possible for a good resto.

  • Best Vintage Shopping- (Rue Rivioli-St. Paul Neighborhood)

Walk or bike Paris, as much as possible. If you are in the Metro you will surely miss something!


  • Reserved (a must in Paris) the Kong (ask for the upstairs or smoking section-don't worry there is no roof and its practically smokeless)

  • Wondered the streets of Montmarte- from Moulin Rouge to Sacred Heart, lots of great brunch spots off Rue Lepic + Rue des Abbesses

  • Vintage Shopping in the Marais + St Paul + St Germain

  • Danced our tails off at Silencio Club

  • Great Lunch Spot- Le Paradis du Fruit

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