Guide to: When can your baby start to travel

Once your sweet baby arrives, we all just can't wait to share them with our friends and family! Often, in order to do that, travel is involved. Being a parent, it's hard to know when it's appropiate to start to travel with your little ones. Perhaps you don't have to put those travel plans on hold for too long. 



At what age can a baby travel? Well, there are a few things to consider. The health of the mother, health of the infant, and a state issued ID or passport. There is no actual minimum age (some flights require the baby to be atleast 7 days old). My first flight flight with Luna was at 5 weeks from Geneva, Switzerland to San Diego, California. My pediatrician informed me that I had no more risk than being in any other public place. Just please make sure people don't touch your babies face and hands- as an added bonus I recommend that mother's attach one of these signs to your babies stroller or car seat , it works very well!




The main risk to the baby is their ears. The air pressure during take off and landing can be painful and damaging to the infants. You must make sure your baby is sucking, or drinking takeoff and landing. 

  • If your child is nursing, nurse 

  • Give them something to drink (formula, water) 

  • Give a pacifier to suck on 

  • Gently but with some pressure, rub their neck repeatedly from the chin to the base of the neck. This will cause a swallowing motion that will relieve pressure build-up in the ears. 

Please Note: As long as your child is travling with you, you are able to take as much formula, breast milk, or drink that you will need for you child for the duration of your flight. Just let security know its for the child. 

Luna 5 weeks from Nashville Tennessee to Geneva Switzerland

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