Guide to: Making Travel Possible

In the children's book- Oh the Places You'll Go- Dr Seuss wisely wrote "“So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact- and remember that life's A Great Balancing Act- and will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you'll move mountains.”

That first step to traveling is possible but as Dr. Suess stated, its got to be handled with care, tact, and balance.

TIPS on how some everyday things you can do to start moving those mountains (or heck seeing them!):

  • Most important is having the "COURAGE", I throw all the what if's and panics out the window. If you really want to do something, if there is a will there is a way. Stop the excuses.

  • Flexibility. I have a flexible job that I can do from anywhere, that I take advantage of. Finding flexibility in certain places in your life (including help from your partner) is an added bonus!

  • Bargain Shopping! I don't buy anything unless it's the best price or best deal possible! So why would I travel any different.

  • Share Costs- I love airbnb for this, especially. Instead of having 2 hotel rooms at 150 a night, we can split a huge apartment or house for 200. Same thing goes for gas, ect. It's hard to find the right friends to travel with, but when you do, sharing costs make a significant change to the budget.

  • Set Your Priorties- I made a decision to make traveling a priority. We don't need the latest or greatest, we cook 99% of the time, if something's broke we fix it, we rent our extra room, we open the windows for fresh air, if I don't wear it anymore I sell it.....these few cost saving expenses that save us huge dollars. You have to lay out where you can cut back (even if it seems minor) and it will add up quickly.

"Once a week, we have a "VIDE FRIGO" we eat everything thats in the fridge before we go shopping. Find new money saving ways to cook or substitute recipes, and those tomatoes can go much farther than you think"

  • Friends- I constantly open my house to guests, in return I try to be the ultimate guest. If you are somewhere for a short stay, why not stay with friends or offer a home exhange for a long weekend.

  • Plan- when you plan in advance you are able to find the best deals, start planning and stop dreaming

  • Break it up- one month plane tickets, one month hotel, then spending money, ect. This makes your travel easier to swallow.

  • Kids aren't obstacles-many of my friends complain that they wish they traveled before they had kids- AS IF ITS TOO LATE! This just makes traveling smart all the more important. There are plenty of all inclusives, nanny agencies in every city, and stress free travel with kids is possible. Trust me. Thats a topic on its own we will get too!

  • Stop Procrastinating. Don't wait until its too late. Take advantage of today because we never know what tomorrow brings. Traveling has brought us so much joy and new relationships in life, do it for yourself and your family.

Kid you will move mountains, (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed)! On top of a mountain in Diableret, Switzerland

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