10 Apps for Baby & Tots, to help you keep your sanity (Luna Approved!)

Luna's Top 10 Apps for keeping the sanity while traveling.

1. Yo Gabba Gabba (Party in My Tummy)

You will find yourself humming the tune "so yummy so yummy" - but this is an app that is visual, easy to navigate, and you get to sing along while making your favorite meals. MMmmmmm

2. Millie Was Here

This isn't your classic storybook and features a real life dog that you can dress up and feed. A little hard for small toddlers but once they figure out this storybook they will be hooked.

3. Avokiddo

This company just makes really cool and original apps. I tend to play with them more than Luna. The emotions app helps the kids to interact and play with different characters and personalities- all while learning emotions.

4. Disney Story Books

We all know Disney just understands kids, and they also make some incredible apps. The storybooks are my favorite, because they highlight the words as it reads along and pages are interactive. When mom or dad aren't traveling together, you can actual pre-record yourself reading the book to your little one. Once your child gets older they can take advantage of the puzzles, music videos, and drawing portions.

5. Peekaboo Farm

This is a great animal game! You can learn new languages and play peek.a.boo. I love this app because Luna has been interested in it from 0-4 yrs old. Def go to app!

6. Toca Band

For your music loving, noise making kids. This app is for all shapes and sizes and you will even find yourself making your own tunes. You have to download it to really understand.

7. Talking Tom

Talking Tom has upgraded and now has friends, you can feed him, make him grow, tickle him, knock him out. I don't see any kid getting bored with this sweet and repeating Kitty Cat.

8. Piano Book

This is a great app- its got all the classic songs you grew up singing, learn to play the piano and all the pages character's are interactive. Luna's favorite music app.

9. Koi Pond

This might seem random- but you got to try this app. You can create your own pond and as you tap the screen the water and fishes run away, you can add other critters like turtles and toads too. It's not the app Luna can play on for hours but its a nice soothing app nice to play with.

10. It's a Small World

Aww remember that time you went to Disneyland and watched the creepy international doll singing over and over again - it's a small world? Well this is the less creepy and modern virtual version and you can travel around the globe :-)


11. Baby Monitor 3G

Want to montior your kid via video without a million gadgets? I can place my iPad facing the little one and sneak out and monitor via another iPad or phone and monitor them via video- you can even respond back. It's just great when you travel - say you rent an airbnb - and you don't really know the house, this way you can sneak in on your kids even via 3G to see how those little angels sleep- the light even turns on so you can see them. It's really a life changing app.

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