Venice + always say YES

There are alot of reasons why we live in Europe, one simply is the proximity of some of the most beautiful places on earth. Another, is that your friends passing through Europe- tend to stop in for a few days and you get to pass a special lifelong experience with them. 


This post is one about saying "YES".


My childhood friend Drew, was traveling around Europe, and via facebook asked if he could stay a few days with us, naturally YES, we would love to spend time together. We arrived on Tuesday fresh off the plane from two weeks in Miami, he had just arrived from Belgium, and we literally just happened to cross paths at the airport. Over the next few days Drew saw the sites, and then over dinner one night he said, lets go to Venice in a few hours, (he had some friends from DC that were there) and without hesistation, "YES".


Perhaps I travel too much, perhaps I live in the moment too often, and perhaps I should have done laundry instead. This post is about how far too often we make excuses to not live in the moment or enjoy life. When was I going to see Drew again? It had already been almost 8 years, and last time was when I missed my flight in D.C. and he let me crash at his place. Not to mention 2 years ago, Drew almost lost his life in a horrific boating accident, which has left him partially handicapped. My only excuse was I really needed to clean the house and do laundry, and Luna already had a weekend planned to be with her Dad. With no regrets, we had an awesome weekend that Drew, my friend gifted to me and the memories that will last a lifetime.


Enjoy life, and next time a good friend asks you to join them on an adventure, try harder to say YES- you won't regret it and leave the cleaning for another day.

This is pic the day we arrived from Miami- please note Luna's poor jetlag. 


Great friends in Venice! 

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