Guide to: Cheapest Plane Tickets!

Whenever we are traveling, the two biggest costs are always the flight & hotel. I get sick to my stomach when I find out I have paid too much. For myself & many of you this has just been a learning process. There are so many surprises over the years, even just weeks ago for me (why we were in Istanbul randomly), so hopefully I can help you elimate some of the those extra charges with some of the best tips I know to make your dream trip possible.


  • TRY A NEARBY AIRPORT If the flight seems expensive, try a nearby airport. Kayak offers the “Explore tool” that allows you to put in your airport and see what routes have the cheapest fares.

  • 24 HOURS Even after you have booked you have 24 hours until you can cancel your flight. Check the flight you have booked, and if the rate is cheaper, cancel your flight and rebook it. MONEY SAVED!

  • TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Early morning and red-eye are flights are the cheapest times to fly.

  • HOLIDAY TRAVEL If traveling around the holidays, if you fly on the day of the actual holiday, flights are cheaper.

  • THEY ARE WATCHING YOU Clear your cache (history) and cookies in between searches, or use private browsing- especially on different days or weeks. Otherwise, the old price will possibly display and you might miss out on a better deal.

  • HAPPY HUMP DAY! Cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday. Airlines generally release sales for specific routes Monday night because they want travel agencies to catch wind of sales early in the week. Deals are then matched by competitors Tuesday morning.

  • SIGN UP FOR MILES You may not think you travel much but those lifetime miles add up. Your children's miles don't count for yours, so sign up your children too.

  • 3 p.m. (Eastern Time) TUESDAYS All online data says is the exact time when plane tickets are the cheapest during the week.

  • EMAIL DEALS I have so many daily emails coming in, it literally drives me crazy, but it does pay off. Sign up for travel deals like,,, ect.

  • LAST MINUTE TRAVEL If the airlines have too many empty seats there will be a last minute, desperate to fill the seats, deep discount. Usually those prices come out on Tuesday and you can leave out Friday to have a fun-filled weekend.

  • CAREFUL WHERE YOU LOOK Most people look for tickets via Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, ect. You are making a big mistake if you do JUST that. These sites either work with or are owned by the airline companies. Sometimes if you look directly with the airline the flights are cheaper and CHECK directly with discount airlines.

  • USE YOUR CREDIT CARD Get those points! Shop with the partners – All airlines have special offers with popular retailers Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Target. By buying everyday items you will earn you 2 to 4 miles per dollar spent. If you spend 1,000 dollars a month, you can earn up to 3,000 miles, and soon you are on your way to free flights! (Average 30,000 miles for US travel, and 100,000 for international)

  • HAVE AN IDEA OF PRICE People always try to get the lowest price online, wait too long, and then pay too much. Have an idea of the price (there is no 199.-dollar flight from Nashville to Paris) - then look, prices go up and down. When you find a price you are comfortable with, that's when you should book.

  • GAS PRICES With oil prices going up, so do airline prices. On average the best time to book is 6 to 8 weeks before your flight, and around three months before if you are going to a destination DURING PEAK SEASON (holidays, summer, xmas) .

  • OFF SEASON The most expensive tickets are around holidays, weekends, and summer months such as July & August. Whenever possible fly off season, in the middle of the week, or fly on the actual holiday, you will find drastic price differences.

  • YOUR PHONE + OTHER DEVICES Check the same website where you found your deal on your phone or tablet, and you might have a difference price! I purchased a ticket to London yesterday and saved 23 dollars just by using my iPhone to purchase my ticket.

  • TRY DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS A Saturday to Saturday ticket is normally cheaper than Saturday to Friday. Try different DAY combinations to get the lowest fares.

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