10 Awesome Travel Gifts for Kids

You don't have to have a globe trotting tot to enjoy these travel inspired gifts. Here is our top 10 most awesome travel gifts for kids.

1. Fjallraven Kanken Mini-Backpak- This might be a total hipster backpak, but it's worth the splurge and hype. You can throw this thing in puddles, it can fall from a mountain, your kid can't break it and you can throw it in the wash. It's nice and snug to your child's back for comfort. Seriously, we absolutely love these colorful-all weather bags!

2. Kids Headphones, KIDZ GEAR- Volume Limit Travel Headphones are the perfect child headphones with audio safety. They come in fun colors, they're soft on the ears, light-weight, sounds great, and fold-away easily. Great for the car, traveling- and even just hanging out at home.

3. Mini-Micro Scooter- Hands down best thing to travel with kids. It comes in 3 stages, two rubber wheels on the front for balance, a seat for toddlers, a small handle bar, then a longer one as they grow. You can zip through airports, hotels, museums, stores, parks- we ditched the stroller once she got the hang of her scooter and it really makes travel fun & fast. Once we get on the plane the handle pops out and it all fits perfectly in the overhead. Luna and her dream boyfriend- Kingston have impecible scooter taste! So meant to be!

4. Zoo Neckrest- Whatever the cute cuddly neck critter may be- this is so adoreable and practical for any travel occassion, and even doubles as a stuffed animal. Awwwww!

5. Magnetic Books- Light weight, slips inside the little Kanken Backpack-doesn't make a mess, entertains for hours, this is just a great all around travel toy and priced right.

6. Pin World Wall Map Diary- These stylish felt maps come in all sizes, for either your city, country, world- and a perfect way to mark your adventures, add memories and plan for more. This is something you don't mind putting anywhere in the house and the whole family can enjoy.

7. Kid Proof Camera- Playschool Showcam- We all love taking pics with our cell phones and iPads, but when your kid gets close, the panic begins. Why not let your kid have the freedom to remember their adventures the way they see them. Perhaps you end up with 600 photos of a chair and mass amounts of knee shots- but this is a safe panic free way to let your kid capture the world as they see it. This Playschool Showcam is especially cool with it's projector feature.

8. Little Passports- This is the gift that keeps on giving. It's a monthly subscription of stories and games that inspire you child to learn about the world. Everymonth your kid will recieve a package with souvenirs, stickers, stories, and learn something new every month. We can't wait until this is available outside of the USA.

9. Paper Punk- The smaller the lighter the better, and if it's this cool- you better! Paper Punk is an innovative paper-based building toy that provides endless imaginative and creative play for humans of all ages. With a few simple folds, colorful 2D flat shapes transform into bold 3D geometric pieces to create spectacular looking paper toys and art forms.

10. Klutz Activity Books- There's a huge collection of Klutz Activity Kits to choose from, one for every interest. Whether your child likes crafts, fairies, writing, building, or science you'll find an engaging and age appropriate activity kit for them. These kits are self contained and packaged in a travel-friendly-sized spiral-bound book.

Star Wars Thumb Doodles....need I say more.

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