Another Way to See Paris

Who can disagree with Audrey Hepburn, "Paris is always a good idea." Everyone seems to have the same idea, because Paris is a smorgasbord of tourists and the most visited city on earth. So, how do you go to Paris without feeling like you are a herd of cattle going from one place to another and falling into the same old tourist traps. Anyways you have to go to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Ceour, but there is other ways of getting to know Paris you may not know. Here is a list of our favorite, non-traditional ways of discoving Paris! ( Luna friendly too! )


The rules when you go to Paris are;

You don't diet, you indulge.

You are obliged to (bargain) shop.

You must mingle (drink) with the locals.

You must see the other sites.

You must fall in love with the greatest city on earth.

Here's how:

  • Drink: Café Gourmande (Besides the wine of course) a french coffee with a teaser of desserts- just the right amount to taste an array of delicate french pasteries

  • Eat: Suck Down Some Oysters (Montmarte) Parisians have a love affair with the most sensuous shellfish! After a nice walk around Montmarte my favorite place is to stop off at La Mascotte (especially the Fines de Claire)

  • Restaurant With a View: Kong Paris, (Pont Neuf)- after a day of shopping sit back an relax for a cocktail or dinner at this hip joint overlooking the Siene and you can even watch the action looking in on the acton of designers at the headquarters of Louis Vuitton.

  • Bargain Shopping: Stocks @ Rue Marseille (Canal Saint Martin) This is just north of the Marais and where you can find the most "stocks" which is outlets in one place, high end Parisian brands in one place. Then enjoy a cocktail by the Canals in Saint Martin.

  • Shopping: Marché aux Puces (Saint-Ouen) The best places to shop are def in the Marais, Saint Paul and Saint Germain, but have you tried the Paris Flea Market- this is just a must experience and like no where else in the world. Treasure hunt for an unique antique to really remember Paris.

  • Let Your Kids Be Kids: Well this is a blog in itself but Paris is full of parks, ferris wheels, playgrounds, street musicians to bust out random dance moves, and be sure you have good compact stroller. Don't rush and they too will enjoy :-)

P.S. Europe is the cheapest it's been in 12 years and with the euro at an all time low......what excuse do you have to not go enjoy Paris!

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