Why you shouldn't complain about getting older...

Today is that day…yes I’m officially 32. To some I’m sooo young…to others…soooo old, but to me I am here, alive, I got out of bed.....

Do you know how many people didn’t make it to 32? How many people can’t get out of bed? Do you know how lucky I am that I have a computer to type this on? I have two arms, that hugged the little beast that woke me up at 7 am. Shit- I’m the luckiest person I know right now. For 32 I am secretly feeling more like 52 in life experience…. I’d dare to say I have had more fun, more sleepless nights, more wrong turns, more ugly cries, more belly laughs, more loss, more tequila than most might in a lifetime.


I am here! You may never see me complain, fudge goodbyes, and always have a camera to savor every last moment. Today, I am officially the same age as my big brother, we could technically be twins today- except he clearly got the better genes…ugh.

32 and beautiful forever, Olin is….which brings me to why it’s so rude when you complain about getting older or refuse to celebrate your birthday.


Stephanie Tanner said it best....HOW RUDE.....

- not wanting to add a candle to that cake to celebrate the gift you’ve been given, "another year on this planet"

- because with those candles comes those wrinkles you have earned those cracks through all the smiles and (ugly cry) tears you’ve dropped throughout the years for love….

- because you thought by this birthday you’d have it all….and complain about everything you don’t have…when really you actually have it all if you open your eyes

- because finally you can get your friends and family together and it’s not for a funeral or wedding

- because you are scared of that "number"…baby haven’t you learned by now age ain’t nothing but a number

- because you are afraid of what the outside looks like when you are now wiser, smarter, and cooler...oh and your judgment is probably spot on (gees may I remind us all how important that is)

- because you look around and freakout because your house is full of legos and lots of random shoes…and forgot how terrible it was having lots of drunk roommates who ate your leftovers

- because you see all you haven’t done in life…when actually you probably have tons of vacation days finally so now its time to use them...so lets go

- because you are afraid you are one year closer to your grave…when actually you finally realize getting older is a gift in itself, and not all of us actually get that option

- because you actually don't realize how much better you are in your skin today then you were many years ago and you can't take back that gift of confidence for anything

- because you freak that life got away from you...but for everyday there is a new beginning...so let today be that day

Happy birthday peeps and embrace it!

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