Lausanne Life Series Meet Ashley & Luna

So I'm beyond words to express the gratitude and honor to have been spotlighted in the coolest blog. In the Lausanne Guide's new "Lausanne Life Series" they spotlight ordinary people living extrodiary lives. I want to thank the whole team at Lausanne Guide for this honor and Gabriel Garcia Marengo for really capturing our little life where we call home, Lausanne.


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We started this series in some way, shape, or form last year when we got a peek into our friend Jaifa's life. She, and our dear friend Eleni of Eleni Eyebrows fame, generously provided fashion tips for busy women. We didn't realize then that this profile piece would pave the way for an entire series of interesting, driven, unique people right here in Lausanne. Our desire is to highlight ordinary people living an extraordinary life in this city we call home. So without further delay, we introduce to you: Ashley & Luna.

We met Ashley last year after a mutual friend suggested it would be crazy for us not to know each other. Turns out that our mutual friend was right. Ashley is energetic and passionate; an advocate for women's rights, she spends her days working for the WISH (Women in Science and Humanties) foundation at EPFL. When discussing just about any feminist issue, Ashley's eyes light up and the subject absolutely consumes her--we love the excitement and dedication she commits to such a great cause. She doesn't leave this sentiment at work either, it spills out and permeates her life, especially in her parenting style. Being a single mother, Ashley is determined to make what most would see as a hindrance as an advantage--she is raising her daughter Luna, 4, by leading as an example. She is exposing Luna to the world through the lens of an empowered, independent, and beautiful woman, both inside and out. Just a few weeks ago we got to spend a Saturday morning with Ashley & Luna, and we got to pick her brain about travel, her life hacks, and what the perfect night in Lausanne would entail..........

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