Can luxury hotels really be family friendly?

We were invited to stay the Fairmont Montreux Palace to see if luxury and child-friendly can really coincide.

Luna and I put them to the test.

Full article in Heavenly Magazine 63-65

When we arrived into the palace we were immediately taken back by its beautiful architecture, the giant chandeliers, huge staircase leading to the ballrooms, open fireplace to the lobby lounge, the 20th century charm with a minimum modern update, although grandiose, incredibly cozy. We were immediately greeted with genuine smiles, and a sleepy grumpy Luna was treated to a chocolate lollipop which instantly changed the mood. We were off to a good start.

Leading to the suite were hallways so large you can drive cars through, we arrived to our two-room, two-bathroom suite, living area, with elegant marble finishes, luxurious amenities, floor to ceiling windows, huge terrace overlooking the French alps, garden and Lake Geneva. Let me just say we’ve stayed in some of the most beautiful hotels in the world but this suite absolutely tops the list, breathtaking. I will let the pictures speak for itself.

Our room was adorned with fresh fruits, delicate chocolates with a note from the hotel management. On the bed was a mini bathrobe and slippers along with a gift box for Luna. Finally, a gift that wasn’t a standard teddy bear but age appropriate toys, dominos, coloring book, pencils and puzzles. Luna was ecstatic!

We decided to get settled in and soak up the beautiful space that surrounded us and headed down to the Montreux Palace's Jazz Café for dinner. Within the hotel lies one of Switzerland’s coolest restaurants with memorabilia and archived Montreux Jazz Festival footage that plays on screens all around the restaurant. Besides our mad dominos game, memorable was the children’s selection and prices. Not only that, but to hang out with your 5 yr old for 3 hours in a hip spot, because she doesn’t want to leave, is a dream. After our delicious dinner we headed back to our room fell into the longest sleep we’ve ever had, thank you heavenly bed, black out shutters and curtains.

DAY 2.

The next morning (which was technically the afternoon) we arrived to the breakfast in the hotel’s Green House, it’s like every location in this hotel is more magical than the next. We stuffed ourselves with hot chocolate, granola, eggs, and fish because we had to try everything.

The Palace is in the epicenter to anything and everything you want to do in Montreux. Parks, shopping, lake, restaurants, train, the famous CGN are just meters away. This is on our top criteria when traveling, the ease of getting from one place to another. Once, we had enough shopping, we headed to the SPA for some swimming and more swimming. This indoor heated pool lies right on the lake front, so you can imagine getting Luna to leave was the hardest part of the day, I swear she’s part fish sometimes.

Luna decided that she was really enjoying our new home. If the spa was hard to leave the hotel was going to be harder. That evening enjoyed an apero by the fire at the lounge playing puzzles, followed by dinner at a locally owned Fonda Mexicana Restaurant.

DAY 3.

If you want to know where the place to be on Sunday’s, it’s brunch at Le Montreux Palace. Tall white hats, grandiose hall, sounds of the piano float through the air, after you adjust to how visually beautiful the assortments of exotic cuisine, fresh fruit juices, carving stations, pasta stations, salad bar, tartars, fish, grilled shrimps, delicate desserts, the hardest part is knowing where to begin. It’s so visually colorful and the smells hypnotizing, so we finally chose to start with dessert! Luna even taught the chefs how to cook her favorite eggs, or perhaps it was the other way around. Finally, as we stuffed ourselves to the max, Luna went off to join the other children where they have a supervised kids corner. Luna got her play time, and mom got to enjoy her Bellini as we ended our perfect weekend together.

In the end, the testimony of how our weekend went lies with Luna. We travel often, stay in hotel after hotel, but this was her favorite. Why, it was in the details, the way everyone got on her level using her name, the extra special attention when they put her stuffed animal on her pillow every night, the little slippers, the view from our bed in the morning, it was the time we got to spend together effortlessly, (and) it was the way we felt welcome at every instance. Yes, in the end it was difficult to get Luna to leave, I agreed with her, “I love our new home” and you will too even for a magical weekend.

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