Then she turned 6 years young...

6 YEARS! That happened so fast!

Luna visited 8 countries this year - France, Italy, Croatia, USA, Luxembourg, Brazil, Oman & Austria

The Bollywood obsession got on a whole new level

She really learned to snow ski and won her first medal in Austria

She actually told us goodbye and decided she was going to live in Brazil, Trancoso to be exact

She rode her first camel in the Arabian desert

Danced in Ipanema

Sailed around Croatia for her first time

Met her first native Indians in Brazil

Hung out with her cousins in South Beach, Miami

She got to play in Trulli's in Southern Italy

Spent Xmas in Luxembourg

Partied like a rockstar and rang in the New Year in Muscat, Oman

Luna's life became complete as she met real life super-hero - Bat Woman! Bedouin Omani women wear traditional burqas that are like masks, she really thought it was Bat Woman.

She's dancing, ice-skating, and riding her bike with two wheels

Speaks better French than English and wants to speak Spanish

When she grows up she wants to be a Doctor in the school

& she's her first tickets this year are booked to Bali.....

Why do we travel so much people ask? I'm empowering my daughter to navigate and get a sense of this large world, see its beauties, understand it's languages, eat it's food, listen to their music, learn their customs and see beyond borders.

inspiring + redefining travel with children

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