12 COOL things to do with kids in Switzerland

Switzerland might be known to be a little sleepy and laid back. I promise you though - it's not easy to find but there are so many cool things to do with your family while in Switzerland, so I thought I'd list a few for you.


1. Fondue Train

This retro-panoramic train runs from October through May, Friday through Sunday, traveling the beautiful Fribourg region all while you enjoy all the finest Swiss specialties on board. Bonus! Kids under 6 are free! Don't forget to reserve your place.

2. La Marmotte

OK ok, it's sledding but I've bet you've never done this. You and the family walk your sleds up the mountain (around 35-45 mins) in Verbier where you arrive in the middle of the snow to this wood cabin, where you enjoy fire roasted raclette and more local cuisine. Once you've finished dinner, you and the family sled back down the mountain. Don't forget a head lamp and your ski pants- but it's fun for all ages! Reservations a must.

3. Thermal Baths at Val-d'Illiez

I really love this place. For one, they accept kids of all ages, discounted family rates and it's clean! Located near Champéry, it's a great place for the kids to swim and the family to relax year round- rain, snow or sunshine! This place is always a good idea and the views aren't too shabby.

Alternative is the Bain Bleu located in Geneva - however I suggest to avoid the weekends :-)

4. Lavaux Express / Wine Train

Have fun with the kids all while getting tipsy! Everyone has fun - tour the local wine cellars, grab a bottle and travel around one of the most beautiful vineyards in the world in an open wine train. Really great for all ages and don't forget to take an extra bottle home, because outside of Switzerland it's impossible to find the local Chasselas.

5. Lac Leman / Lake Geneva

This is the largest lake in Europe, surrounded by snowcapped moutains, and dramatic vineyards. Pretty much you just need to get here and the nature does the rest. Picnic in the vineyards, paddleboarding on the lake, swimming with a lakeside fondue at Preverange or Lutry Plage. (if in Lutry don't forget to see these! dating back to 4500 bc!) Possibilities are endless we spend sun up to sundown by the lake. You can also hop on the CGN, the beautiful steamboat cruises and enjoy a panoramic dinner on the lake.

6. Snow Tubing / Tobboganing Park

Do I even need to get into details? Pretty much bring your ski suit and helmets - be prepared to have more fun than the kids and reserve the igloos next door to the park to have a fondue & igloo experience. Only downfall is - it's not skiing but it does need snow.

7. Experience Nature while Glamping - Whitepods Eco-Luxury Pods

Nestled in the side of a mountain above Monthey - the dome shaped whitepod is a cozy getaway for lovers and families to get in touch with nature and have an adventure glamping. Dog sledding, skiing, pony rides, hiking, animals....it's endless. If you're looking for an original adventure the pods are perfect for couples or families - DID YOU KNOW THEY CAN ACCOMMODATE FAMILIES WITH UP TO 4 KIDS IN ONE POD!!!!!!!!

8. So many cool / unique children's museums

When I was a kid there was one science museum in the city for kids. In the lavaux region they seem to be endless and honestly I'm not sure how they do it but it's as cool for the parents as the kids. Culturally speaking they are incredibly state of the art and original. If you can't get to them all atleast try a few in Vevey. Bonus : Nest & Charlie Chaplin have offers to both museums.

Nest Museum - Nestle, the famous brand actually started in Vevey. Walk in Henri Nestlés shoes, have an interactive exploration in the world of food, try cult favorites, play interactive games.... don't forget there's an awesome brunch on Sundays

Alimentarium - touch, feel, probe, taste, share, learn all about the human diet. This is a must for food lovers and even cooking classes for kids.

Chaplin's World - Charlie Chaplin called Vevey home, they transformed his house into an interactive museum where people get to travel through time and experience the origins of cinema. Really an unforgettable and unique experience!

9. Salt Mines de Bex

Warning: Skip this idea if you are claustrophobic. The Bex Salt Mines is several kilometers of an underground labyrinth. Here you discover deep in the earth the origins of what used to be more expensive than gold- the 17th century Swiss salt mines. Bring a little jacket as it colds when you get closer to the core of the earth.

10. Glacier 3000

I've got to say - I find this attraction too pricey. However, I didn't regret walking the highest suspension bridge in the world over a glacier in the alps. However once on top, the world's highest alpine slide is only 3.- swiss francs and the fondue is some of the cheapest I ate in Switzerland. They even have a fabulous gift shop. The views are unbeatable and well its the only place in the world like it! If you can swallow the hefty price tag - it's absolutely worth it.

11. Catch your dinner - Trout Fishing in the Alps

Expert, beginner, just want to enjoy the fresh air- because of Switzerland's pristine waters it's actually really well known for trout fishing. There are places all around Switzerland where you are sure to catch yourself some of Switzerland's finest trout.

12. Switzerland's Longest Alpine Slide & Rope Park

Just watch the video and how can you not want to go here. No explanation needed. Cue the squeals. Don't forget it's only open in the Summer and when it's dry.

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